Isan Village Life   =   Chapter 9.   Mae got her smile back

We were a bit late in the afternoon getting back to Mae's house and as usual within half an hour all hell was breaking loose yet again. I don't think my family is unique in any way. I don't think the village is special either. This isn't the mysterious Kut Chap Triangle and yet while it can be very quiet, even boring, even monotonous, there is always some crisis to deal with. Someone's house is on fire or somebody has been killed by a drunk driver. Or worse still the TV is broken and whose fault it was is a matter of dispute.

Every village has a spokesman whose job it is to settle disputes. Our village's spokesman has a 25 year old son who regularly ensures his fathers requirement in such a position of responsibility but nonetheless it is a full-time voluntary occupation to head up funerals and weddings and the array of annual festival celebration arrangements. The village needing such a person demonstrates the frequency of cataclysmic events requiring a resolution. Usually financial..

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