Isan Village Life   =   Chapter 7.   To Bangkok and back

It rained half the night again. It didn't stop me sleeping because it was rain as we know it not the liquid housebricks that are usually delivered during the rainy season. Rain isn't an unusual event, just ask anyone in Wales where it apparently rains every night, and quite possibly every day as well, but Issan rain stops when day breaks and leaves a fresh washed smell in the air with a coolness that makes you feel glad to be alive. It also drowns all the mozzies, which is nice.

Last night we walked up to the youngest aunt's house so I could buy a ticket online. Mainly because she's the only one in the village with broadband. I took a broadband dongle to Thailand once. I specify once because I bought it from Virgin media in the UK for a fiver a month which included 2 gig of data with the promise that it works anywhere. It didn't bode well when it wouldn't work in my mums house.

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