Isan Village Life   =   Chapter 6.   Going on a Beano

I woke to the sound of "What the **** is that?"..

I had no idea what it was. Some inconsiderate pratt driving a giant lawnmower at 6 a.m. possibly. Although giant lawns aren't very common around Kut Chap. A numpty on a FS1E maybe (if you don't remember the Yamaha Fizzy you're too young to read this) but whatever it was had the same power output as the 49c.c. moped. And they had taken the soddin baffle out.

Although every insect in Thailand seems to be of gargantuan proportions and with a propensity to kill humans I did understand that even a forest bee wouldn't be that loud. Nor do forest bees have a need to change gear. All the same this insect wouldn't hurry up and bugger off. And it was coming gradually closer to my bedroom window.

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