Isan Village Life   =   Chapter 4.   Por's new house

Por Jon family Por Jon's daughtersDedicated to Jon Ladsa-Ard,

father of seven,

grandfather of eleven

A man who cleared acres of jungle,

dug acres of rice paddies,

and built an entire village.

I woke early yet again, just before dawn, to the cuckoo come reverse cockrell sound of Tokeh. To us they are Geckos but these are unique to Thailand and make a remarkably loud noise for such a small creature. And the little buggers bite. As with many Thai animals like the Meow, which is a domestic cat, the Tokeh makes the sound 'Tok Care'. This for some reason doesn't apply to a pig which is called a Moo. Not to be outdone the Khao Gohp were hooting from pipe to pipe in the drainage ditches. I should explain that this creature also doesn't make the sound 'Cow Gawp' and I don't know if a biologist would call it a toad or a frog because this frog sucks in air until it looks like a toad inflated by Shrek then lets out an almighty 'GOHP'. Three inches long but you can hear them from three hundred yards through three brick walls.

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