Isan Village Life   =   Chapter 13.   The Honeymooners

Ouan and Farngthe happy couplehoneymoon

Three days I had to pay for that party. Talk about the morning after, the following 24 hours were a write off. Mae had to go back to the hospital for some pre-op treatment before going to Khon Kaen hospital for an operation but I was too hung over to take her. Lert I think is impervious to hangovers and had no problem coming to fetch Mae and take her to Kut Chap so I didn't have to.

On the second day Ouan and Farng pulled onto the driveway in a big shiny Mitsubishi pick up. Presumably a wedding gift though the owner will probably want it back at some point. They were better off than his mum and I. Know wonder he'd wanted to marry her. They had come to visit his nan not knowing she wasn't here. It was messily sad and I told them not to visit her in hospital as she'd be home again in a day or two.

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