Isan Village Life   =   Chapter 12.   Nice day for a white wedding

Sergeant BuarumSin Sod

'Rish I need to speak with you' she said knowing I was about to go out the front door to work. When she stops me like this I know it is serious and expect it to be about Mae. 'Ouan him want to get marrit'.
Ok it isn't about Mae but it is serious, "I didn't know he had a girlfriend," I pointed out and it turns out Waan didn't know either.

The last time Waan's son needed a bale out was because a drunk had given him some grief so Ouan gave the lad a good hiding and his parents wanted us to pay the hospital costs. That may seem odd to us Brits but it is the usual practice in Thailand to pay each others costs as reparation. I told them to go to court which was when the full story came out about the youth's father joining in who also got a slapping and the guard dog at which point Ouan went home and fetched a gun no one knew he had and let off a few rounds to shit 'em up a bit.

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