Isan Village Life   =   Chapter 11.   Mae mai sabai

It has only been three months since Jon died. I miss him very much but the land is settled already and Mae's back garden is showing signs of vegetables and herbs springing back to life. The garden is green once again and everything is looking rosy. Apart from disasters happening to villagers who are not related to us I could safely say we have managed to have a peaceful period.

We are back in the UK sadly and Waan worries terribly about her mum being alone in that big house. But it transpires the house isn't the problem. Mae mentions offhandedly when Waan phone's home one day that her foot is swollen and she can't walk on it. Not wanting to see a Doctor or go to hospital is something that runs in the family and Mae is no different. I got a bit irritable with Waan keep asking her mum down the mouthpiece and then moaning at my back as I sat working at the computer.

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