Isan Village Life   =   Chapter 10.   Cowboys, Builders and Bureaucrats

Woke up with a proper hangover. I'd like to blame the tannoy that has woken me up or better still I'd like to throttle the speaker who is often the village spokesman and though the mere thought of throttling him gives me pleasure I choose to wait for his son to take over his hereditary father's role before I commit the crime.

This morning's announcement is the mail. There is even some for a falang. I didn't catch the name; or if I did I didn't recognise it. It isn't unusual for the postman to lose interest in doing his job and I have discovered three reasons for this: 1) He also has a hangover. 2) He has no idea where the recipients of these letters live. Or 3) He can't read. The latter being the most common reason and so he hands all the mail over to the wife of the village elder who gives it to the spokesman who eventually gets round to telling everyone over the tannoy to come and get it.

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