1  :
Aran Barracks one of the largest cavalry barracks in SEA
2  :
Guard duty you get saluted every time you pass just in case you are the Colonel
3  :
Local shopping handy when you need to top up on fresh insects
4  :
My family look like a 80's pop band
5  :
Wat Pra Sadok Kok Tom 17th Century Khmer temple ruins
6  :
Wish you were here actually I do, this is a great site to see
7  :
Summertime in bloom my favourite time in SEA
8  :
Poipet gate gateway to Cambodia
9  :
Local made basketweave functional and beautiful and costs only a few Baht
10  :
Wat Pra Sadok Kok Thom can't keep away from the place
11  :
Restoration work cranes brought in to lift the huge stones and restore sadok kok thom to it's original glory